Podcast Hosts

Andy Lash

Andy likes bourbon, not in a problematic way, as a connoisseur so he can call that a hobby. That hobby has sparked great discussions over the years and taught him to carry a conversation. That ability to banter and carry a conversation shows up in the Offshore podcast that he hosts. He was
born in Los Angeles CA and I have moved around through many of the Western US states.

I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma today, with his wife and two kids, where he works for Gemini Motor Transport. Over the years, he started making YouTube videos to help train the drivers he managed. That video experience, and maybe some bourbon courage, sparked the nerve to enter the OGGN’s host contest. His video won the contest, and he moved from being a Podcast fan to a host. He has been hosting the Oil and Gas Offshore show for a year now and is working through this exciting podcasting adventure.