JoAnn Meyer

JoAnn brings 30 years of experience, including over a decade at the executive level, in engineering and operations management with major and large independent oil and gas companies to OGGN. She’s led improvement efforts from both sides - as a project leader designing and deploying new solutions and as the business unit leader responsible to implement a better practice. She’s seen first-hand how increasing digital capability can not only deliver greater productivity, but also be a catalyst for building a culture of inquisitive and innovative employees who enjoy more fulfilling work.

After leaving the operator side of the upstream business, she spent 3 years with one of the largest global management consulting companies before founding Previse Consulting in 2013. She now splits her time between facilitating leadership development classes, serving as a mentor and resource for engineering leadership programs at Rice University and the University of Oklahoma, and speaking to hundreds of K-12 students every year in Oklahoma and Texas encouraging them to consider engineering careers.