Michael O’Sullivan

Michael O’Sullivan was born and raised in the northeast United States. In the early 1980s, his father transferred to Houston because the oil business was booming (until suddenly it wasn’t). About a decade later, when Michael started his career in enterprise IT, many oil companies were looking for new software capabilities to improve the efficiency of their operations. Fast forward to now and the story is much the same, only the stakes are higher and the technology is more amazing. Over the years Michael has worked with operators, service companies, and technology innovators to tackle complex scenarios that are often unique to the oil and gas industry.

Like many people in Houston, he eventually crossed paths with OGGN™ and made several podcast appearances. When the opportunity arose to take over as host for one of the shows he gladly stepped in. Michael continues to live and work in Houston where he is also known for barbecue, cocktails and woodworking.