Podcast as a Service

Price - $10,000.00 per month for bi-weekly shows. Other options available



Internal podcast to make it easy to communicate with employees. The audio format is frictionless and natural to consume, so people can listen when they are doing other things like communing, working out, doing housework, etc. 


When your employees are busy doing their jobs, communication can be hard. Trying to get everyone together for a meeting on the phone or on Zoom may end up being more trouble than it's worth, and emails aren't always great at getting your point across. Any business needs to foster connections between team members, especially when meeting together is difficult or impossible due to remote work and differences in time zones. Luckily, there are better ways to keep your group informed and on the path towards achieving your business's goals. And we are experts at this. 


Private internal podcasts are exactly like normal public ones, except you (the owner) can choose who has access to the episodes on an invite-only basis. The episodes are then pushed to your audience, so that they can listen at their convenience on whatever devise they choose. OGGN turn keys this for you handling all of the scheduling, interviews, segments, recording, editing and publishing in a 100% secure environment. 


Here are a few of the biggest benefits of using an internal podcast as a communication tool:  

  • They are engaging. When you receive your company's internal newsletter, do you find yourself zoning out halfway through and missing the important points? Podcasts are much more interesting and engaging than long winded emails or intranet messages, and they're great for fostering a more personal connection. 


  • There's magic in the intimacy of a podcast. Listeners enjoy on their own time and in their own way, and it's just you and the listener - it's almost like you are having a conversation in person with them. 


  • You can add humor and emotion. Ever try to tell a joke or amusing story via email? Chances are it fell flat. With a podcast, you can spice up your messages with humor, entertaining anecdotes, or even a little music. 


  • Your staff can listen when it's convenient. When your internal news is sent via email or intranet, employees have to take time to sit down and read the content. With a podcast, they can engage when it best suits them, whether that's while they walk the dog, eat breakfast, or relax in the evening. 


  • It can help cement your company culture. Text is one-dimensional and isn't the best at detailing what you value as a company. Using your own internal branded podcast to encourage employees, talk about your goals, and discuss what is most important to your team. After all, reiterating your company's culture can help boost morale, share your vision, and help your team feel great about the work they're a part of.  


  • Allows you to see who is engaging. With a podcast, you can see exactly who is engaging with what you have to say. By looking at the actions of your employees, you can use a podcast as a tool to better measure performance. 


  • Helps beat screen fatigue. Today's employees spend most of their day staring at a screen. In fact, in our research within the Oil and Gas industry employees have to deal with up to 7 hours of screen time on a daily basis. Do your employees a favor and give their eyes a rest with a podcast. 



Leadership - One of the easiest ways to keep staff connected to senior leadership. It's easy for employees to feel completely disconnected from the higher ups in the company. Having the CEO/Leaders on your private podcast can help break through some of the mystery around them. And your employees will feel more valued if you keep them feeling involved and connected even to those at the very top of the company. This directly affects the bottom line and employee retention. 

Change Management team - Change Management teams see value in podcasts because it can provide tons of actionable support in a culture shift. While providing feedback from the front lines. 

Internal Communications team - Internal Communications teams report that while they are conducting town halls and fireside chats with their CEO/leadership there are challenges in delivering it widely to front line workers. These events are originally designed to be "live", but when they were moved online, they feel the video loses the sense of intimacy. Moving from a live event to a podcast allows them to maintain the intimacy of being there in person. 

HSE team - Health, Safety and Environmental teams already have a lot of content on other topics. By either transporting that content to audio or producing fresh audio you can deliver what has traditionally been a dry topic in a fresh, intimate format that engages with the frontline workers and reduces injuries and LTI's.  

HR - a podcast can be a way to disseminate new or little-known information to employees, but it can also be used for education, culture building and employee retention. You could let company experts tell stories related to company announcements, work/life balance, innovation, career development, new job postings and changes in benefits. This will boost morale, increase company loyalty and spread knowledge.  

Onboarding - Use podcasts to onboard new employees and get them caught up with how you operate, learn the company and industry background, some fun facts about leadership and key things employees should know about from day one.